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Brinjal Lure

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Packing size (cm): 15*12*8 Host Crop: Brinjal About usage: Brinjal Lure 10-15/one

Host Crop: Brinjal                                                                                                                                                                        DESCRIPTION: Leucinodes orbonalis, the eggplant fruit and shoot borer or brinjal fruit and shoot borer, is a moth species in the genus Leucinodes. It is found throughout the tropics in Asia and Africa. Brinjal fruit and shoot borer (BFSB) is a very important pest on brinjal and is one of the main impediments to brinjal production. It is an internal borer which damages the tender shoots and fruits. The yield loss varies from season to season and from location to location. It can also attack other crops such as other Solanaceae (e.g. potato, tomato), mango, sweet potato and pea

Product speciality:

  1. Collect only Species Specific.                                                                         
  2. The insect can be attractive from a long distance.                                     
  3. Pheromone lure Can be used all season long.                                           
  4. Pheromone lures are Nontoxic.                                                                     
  5. Pheromone trap and lure intensity enabling to take appropriate decisions in time to prevent egg-laying or kill 1st instar larvae and protect your crop from damage.                                                                       
  6. Pheromone trap and lure reduces the cost and burden of unnecessary spraying of pesticides, which in return reduces our environment from contaminating

About usage: Brinjal Lure 10-15/one

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