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Eco Sticky trap

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Packing size (cm): pack of 25 Host Insect: Whitefly, Leaf miner,Aphid,Cabbage root fly,Cabbage white butterfly Cucumber beetls, Capsides,Thrips, Tea mesquites, Leafhoppers, Brown planthopper,Fruit fly, Moth and Other Flying Insects. About usage: Eco Sti

Host Insect: Whitefly, Leaf miner, Aphid, Cabbage root fly, Cabbage white butterfly Cucumber beetls, Capsides, Thrips, Tea mesquites, Leafhoppers, Brown planthopper, Fruit fly, Moth and Other Flying Insects.

DESCRIPTION: The Sticky trap has some important advantages. As well as the blue and yellow sticky trap being more attractive for the thrips. It is also far less attractive to other species. This increases the specificity of the traps and avoids the complications of attracting no target and in particular beneficial insects, which need to be preserved. The Yellow and Blue sticky traps can comfortably be used in glasshouses etc. where beneficial insects are being released. Some insects are still caught but this is likely to be due to random contact. These are standard cut sized Paper sheets coated both the sides with insect sticky adhesive along with release paper.

Product speciality:

  1. Collect only Species Specific.                                                                         
  2. The insect can be attractive from a long distance.                                     
  3. Pheromone lure Can be used all season long.                                           
  4. Pheromone lures are Nontoxic.                                                                     
  5. Pheromone trap and lure intensity enabling to take appropriate decisions in time to prevent egg-laying or kill 1st instar larvae and protect your crop from damage.                                                                       
  6. 6)Pheromone trap and lure reduces the cost and burden of unnecessary spraying of pesticides, which in return reduces our environment from contaminating
  • About usage: Eco Sticky Trap 25/one acre 

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